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Every company boasts about their ‘commitment to service’. About how much they value you as a client blah blah blah. The ones who boast loudest are usually the ones with the worst service.

And it’s such a vague promise to make. When you’re weighing up one company against another, it’s easy to compare prices, but how on earth do you compare their service?

First up, you want the person who answers your call to be able to answer your questions. The last thing you want is a message taker who will promise that someone who knows what you’re talking about will call you back.

And you want the person you speak to in that first call to be able to give you a quote.

And send you what we need to get started.

You want a tax invoice emailed to you promptly (and kept in your job file for when you lose it.)

You want an email when your property has been inspected. (And you want that inspection to be done by a quantity surveyor, not a ‘data gatherer’.)

And you want your Schedule emailed to you (and perhaps your accountant) soon after the inspection.

Then when you get your Schedule, you want to be able to call someone if you have any questions – and lots of people do.

That’s what service is all about. And if we ever let you down or disappoint you, we want you to email

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