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As a stark contrast, Depreciator was exceedingly helpful and friendly.

"This year I purchased an investment property and also tenanted my home in Queensland, so I needed to get taxation depreciations schedules for both properties. I rang around some Quantity Surveyors in Queensland to find out about the services offered, and was shocked. Some wanted me to supply floor plans and fill out their forms, and some didn't even visit the properties they were doing the depreciation schedules on. As a stark contrast, Depreciator was exceedingly helpful and friendly. Although they are in NSW they service all Queensland investors. I was also impressed on the feed back I got from my tenants on how friendly and polite Depreciator were. Even though neither of my properties are new I was still able to claim more than I had expected. I have recommended Depreciator to several friends and will use them in the future. Thanks guys for all your help.

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tax Depreciation

Tax Depreciation is a pretty general tax term and has been around for ages. It is something that businesses have been taking advantage for a long time. Put simply, it means that businesses can claim deductions (depreciation) over time for money they spend on their Assets. Businesses have buildings, computers and vehicles and any number of things that they depreciate over time. They are allowed to do that because those things lose value due to wear and tear.
So how does this relate to property investors? Owning an investment property is a bit like owning a business. There is money coming in (rent) and money going out. The property itself suffers wear and tear and can be depreciated. So how do you claim it?


Property Depreciation

‘Property depreciation’ is one of those terms that is a bit vague. When people talk about ‘property depreciation’, what they are referring to is the idea that an investment property can be depreciated, or written-off over time. 
They are referring to something called ‘Tax Depreciation’ and the document that sets out how much depreciation a property investor can claim is called a Tax Depreciation Schedule. So what sort of things can be depreciated?


quantity surveyor

When property investors think of Tax Depreciation Schedules, they think of Quantity Surveyors – if they want the job done properly, that is. That’s why a Depreciation Schedule is sometimes wrongly called a ‘quantity surveyor report’.
So what is a Quantity Surveyor? As the name suggests, they are people who look at ‘quantities’. When somebody has a set of plans for a yet to be constructed building, a Quantity Surveyor can estimate what the building will cost to build based on the quantities of various materials.
Quantity Surveyors can also do is estimate what an already constructed building cost to build when it was built. And this is often the starting point for a Depreciation Schedule. Quantity Surveyors are university trained – they usually have a degree in Construction Management. What does a typical job involve?

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