Commercial Depreciation
Why is commercial property different?

Why is commercial property different?

For a start, commercial property can range in size enormously - everything from a small factory unit, to a massive factory. One of the largest jobs we've been involved in was a flour mill.)

And commercial property can range in type, from accomodation, to manufacturing, to rural. And different rates apply.

Then there is the complication that often commercial contracts of sale dictate Asset values.

When it comes to simple jobs, like small factories or offices, we handle them in-house.

For larget jobs, we have a relationship with a company that specialises in commercial property. They are best we know in this field - better than us when it comes to large, complicated properties.

You would expect something like, say, a flour mill will incur a larger fee than a two bedroom bungalow, but the great thing about these jobs is that if we can get sufficient information on the property we can provide an estimate of the expected depreciation to put the fee in perspective.

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Primary production

Depreciator has developed a track record in providing high quality, consistent depreciation reports to owners of primary production facilities. The key to this achievement has been in our extensive research into this area, ensuring we take advantage of each special ATO allowance available to investors.

No one knows farms like Depreciator when it comes to ensuring capital expenditure is dealt with in the most tax effective manner.

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